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Eddie Hall;"Texting Blues","Eddie's Jam" "We Ain't Lost", "Thinkin Famous", "Whats Important", "Texting Country

Jacinda Jones Timeless

Jacinda Jones Wrote My Mama & My Papa and other original songs and performed with Eddie Hall on the "Timeless" Album in 1998

The Late Jacinda Jones

Eddie Hall and The Longtimers

Eddie Hall                                       07/02/2011                                                        

Learned to play harmonica at a park in “West End” Atlanta and learned to play guitar from Wes & Pokey (2 guys in KY “Bluegrass”). Influenced by Hank Williams, Ray Price (Country), Jimmy Reed, B.B. King, T Bone Walker (Blues), Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll) & more. Performed at the American Leigon in Boulder Park west of Atlanta. Wrote and recorded "Want Your Love" with Bill Lowrey (producer) and Jerry Reed in Atlanta, Ga. in 1958. Played at some Fraternity Houses and night clubs on the south side of Atlanta such as “Silver Slipper”, “Knotty Pines”, “King of Clubs”, ”Club Eddie“ & “The Circus Club” Downtown. The band at that time was called “The Nighthawks” this was in 1955 and into the 60’s. Performed at a Honky Tonk in the Bolton area of Atlanta where they had a wire cage to protect the band. I once played at the “Dew Drop Inn” in Cleveland, Mississippi and in some V.F.W’s in Georgia & Alabama. Played a place called “The Jennings Rose Room” on the north side of Atlanta and private parties in the 1970’s & 80’s. Performed in coffee houses in the Atlanta area with Jacinda Jones as “Timeless” in the 1990’s including Gwinnett public TV. I taught myself to play slide guitar & blues harp (up till then I had mostly played straight harp). During this same time period I performed at “Eddies Attic” with the “Black Cat Blues Band” and studied under Steve Dukes in 1997 and 1998. We recorded 12 original songs by Jacinda Jones in 1998. I also played with the “Chattahoochee Blues Band” and I currently play some private parties with friends. I once performed at the “Blue Lantern Lounge” in San Francisco, Ca.   I recorded 3 Versions of my "Texting" Song in 2010. I played at “Tonya and Matts” ice cream store in Tampa, Florida as “Eddie and The Longtimers” for 9 years.Took a year off Playing out and played at home because of family medical problems.played at Bill's Bistro with Wendy Rich for 4 weeks in July 2012 now back at Tonya & Matt's with Gary young as "Eddie and the Longtimers" CLICK on CALENDAR for dates

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