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Jacinda Jones Timeless

Jacinda Jones Wrote My Mama & My Papa and other original songs and performed with Eddie Hall on the "Timeless" Album in 1998

The Late Jacinda Jones

  Author Details   Terrance Schemanskypress@3000records.com     Eddie Hall Offers Listeners A Fresh Yet Nostalgic Style Of Music!Having learned to play harmonica in a park in west Atlanta and taught to play guitar by two Kentucky natives, Eddie Hall began his music career in a blues influenced environment. BriefingWire.com, 6/25/2011 -  Tampa, Florida, June 25, 2011 - The story of Eddie Hall begins the same way as many delta blues artists do; learning to play various instruments from locals of the area and taking his talents on the open road. Hall began recording music in 1958 when he worked with Bill Lowrey and recorded “Want your Love”. From there, Hall began playing nightclubs with Jerry Reed on the same recording in a band called the Nighthawks. The band would continue into the 60’s until Hall would begin playing private parties in the 70’s and 80’s before teaming up with Jacinda Jones under the band name Timeless.   Timeless would perform on Gwinnett public television and played at a music venue called Eddie’s Attic with the Black Cat Blues Band. From there, Hall studied under Steve Dukes and recorded 13 original songs by Jacinda Jones. Since, then, Hall has been a member of the Chattahoochee Blues Band and still plays private parties with friends when he isn’t recording his own music.   Eddie Hall’s music is exactly what you would expect from a blues artist with as much travel and experience he has. “Texting” addresses the concern of those texting while riding in automobiles. Hall expresses concern for the phenomenon by asking “how important can it be?”, while delivering a meaty blues hook. Recorded in a professional studio in Atlanta, “Texting” offers listeners a thought-provoking piece of music complete with old style blues playing laced with social commentary and a modern problem.   These days, Hall can be found occasionally playing at Tonya and Matt’s Ice Cream Store in Tampa, as well as the occasional home gig. “Texting” can be found on CD Baby as well as Amazon, iTunes, and Etunes. In addition to being able to purchase the single, “Texting” can be found on YouTube with Don Patton on harmonica. For more information check out http://www.eddiehall37.com. ” - Terrence Schemansky

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